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Dial Testing Services

Zogby Analytics provides a wide scope of market research tactics. One of our great methods for gathering real time data is by way of dial testing. Dial testing allows us to gather information on opinions, and more importantly, opinion changes, in real time. Using a dial, we are able to show imagery or video and gather whether any given participant either likes or dislikes the presentation. These responses not only are recorded in real time, but they can measure the degree of like or dislike in correspondence with the events of a presentation as it plays out.


Advantages of Dial Testing

magOnce a large sample of data is collected, it is easier to see particular moments where strong opinions are formed, opinions change, and where key points of divergence between subsets take place. You can find out if there are key moments where there is an aggregate consensus across all respondents. It is a far more effective method for collecting data in real time rather than retroactively asking opinions based on memory. If anything, it provides insight into the thought process of individuals and large samples in real time. Opinions can change, perhaps even after the fact, but with dial testing, we can track a thought process.

This testing is especially useful in the form of media. The media, could be used for a number of applications. Whether you are testing ads, tv show responses, presentation opinion testing, etc, you have a chance to gather second by second feedback to later be analyzed to pivot strategies, make decisions, study responses, generate reports, and so on.

Another advantage of dial testing is the elimination of groupthink. Each participant’s response is gathered anonymously at the time of presentation, removing outside influence. These responses can later be opened up to the group for discussion.


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At Zogby Analytics, we have decades of experience in various market research methodologies. Dial testing has played an important role in how we gather data. If you would like more information on our dial testing services, please contact us to get started!

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