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SMS Polls

With the world of technology changing, Zogby makes sure to keep up and adapt to how we conduct surveys, collect data, and compile information for reporting and analysis. We have created our own SMS (small messaging service) survey method that we can provide for those who need market research.

noun iPhone 4051913It is always important to ask the right questions to the right audiences or individuals. But, if you can do it on a platform that is quick and easy, it is even more valuable, as people often do not have long attention spans when their days are full of work and other tasks.

Benefits of SMS

  • SMS polls have several advantages and benefits. One in particular is ease of use. It is very easy for a user with a mobile device to simply click an SMS link and be taken directly to the survey where they can quickly answer questions.
  • Another advantage is reach. Various reports and studies are finding that upwards of 85%, sometimes 85%+ of the population in the United States are shown to have cellphones. Even areas of lower income have access to cheaper smartphones with internet and web browsing capabilities, making them possible candidates for SMS polls.
  • Mobile SMS research polls can be taken virtually anywhere you have a connection to the internet. The big differentiating factor about this is that surveys and research can be conducted on the go. Whereas, in the past, a stationary computer was typically needed. Or, for example, telephone research before the time of mobile phones, was usually research that would have to be conducted through a landline, requiring the participant to be fixated in one location.
  • SMS surveys can be used for so many different types of surveys, market research, data analytics, and even remarketing. Often, businesses can send out surveys, coupons, deal alerts, product introductions, and so much more to customers.
  • SMS polls and customer outreach through SMS is a great way to connect with customers and help build your brand or business by establishing trust and a more intimate relationship.
  • Fast response times are common with SMS. Gathering data, feedback, and building your customer loyalty can happen a lot quicker with SMS. Giving you more real-time data and information to help you interact and make decisions on how to grow and take the next step.

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For more information about our SMS services, please give us a call. We can customize a plan on how to help you through SMS polling.

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