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 Trump Approval

Trump Approval

Trump Approval
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Title Published Date Author Hits
Christie shows U.S. voters want moderates 11/27/13 Written by 2874
IoE to help US retailers earn $460 bn over the next 10 years: Study - See more at: 11/25/13 Written by By V&D Bureau, Voice & Data 2887
The Billion Dollar Opportunity: Reaching Mobile Shoppers During The Holidays 11/21/13 Written by 2804
Why Paul Ryan May Be the One to Beat in 2016 11/20/13 Written by By ERIC PIANIN The Fiscal Times 3019
Pollster Zogby to Newsmax: Obama's Apology 'Lame, Little, Late' 11/08/13 Written by By Todd Beamon, Newsmax 3423
High turnout not expected with mostly local elections 11/05/13 Written by Utica Observer Dispatch 3441
Most young adults not interested in a cybersecurity career 10/24/13 Written by Help Net Security 2855
Raytheon + Zogby Analytics—An Alarming Lack Of Student Desire Or Concern (Cybersecurity) 10/21/13 Written by Sat News 2668
Put millennials in power to solve government gridlock, pollster says 10/17/13 Written by Delaware Online 2747
THE “FIRST GLOBALS”: MILLENNIALS AND FOREIGN POLICY 10/17/13 Written by Diplomatic Courier 2893
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