Bernie Sanders is leading the losing Democratic race for the 2020 presidential primary, according to a new poll.

Ranking at 28 percent popularity with Democrats, Sanders is followed by former Vice President Joe Biden (17 percent) and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (12 percent), according to Zogby Analytics.

The less-popular candidates among Democrats include Mark Zuckerberg (7 percent), Kamala Harris (6 percent), Kirsten Gillibrand (3 percent), Andrew Cuomo (also 3 percent), Amy Klobuchar (1 percent), and Terry McAuliffe (also 1 percent).


23 percent of the 356 potential Democratic voters surveyed say they are “not sure” whom they would vote for in the 2020 primary. The poll surveyed 834 in total.

According to the Zogby Poll, Sanders is dominating among millennial voters by 42 percent, almost double the 22 percent Warren has among millennials. Biden, who was the most popular among black Democrats, has the support of 12 percent of millennials, age 18-29.

Sanders is also the most popular candidate among Hispanic and Asian Democrats, especially Hispanic millennials. Among women, Sanders is more than three times as popular as Warren.

“Among the Democratic base, which consists of women voters, younger voters, voters living in large cities and many minority voters; Sanders performs well among all of these groups,” Zogby reports. “Among women, Sanders beat Warren with a ratio of more than 3 to 1 and Biden almost 2 to 1.”

Sanders lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton by 3.7 million votes last yea