Bruce’s unpretentious nature coupled with his efforts building the former Zogby International polling firm from the ground up was the impetus for Zogby dedicating an undisclosed amount for a computer science student at SUNYIT in Marcy on Monday.

Bruce’s sister Katherine Bruce said she never really realized the extent of all that he was involved with the polling firm.

“I think it’s really wonderful that he’s being honored and acknowledge for the great work that he did,” she said, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. “I know it was really important to him.”

John Bruce died unexpectedly in November 2012, but left an impression on many of the people he came in contact with — namely his coworkers.

“There’d be no Zogby poll in all its details if it’d not been for J.B.,” Zogby explained to the about 40 people in attendance for the announcement.

Zogby said they’re not disclosing the amount for the John Bruce Scholarship, nor the second one established for the nursing department, honoring Zogby’s wife Kathy Zogby’s parents, George and Emily Ertel.

“It should be enough to offer encouragement,” he said, adding that it’s been established for five years and could be renewed. Details will be determined by the department heads, he said.

A semester’s tuition — 12 or more credits — for in-state undergraduate students is $2,785, according to the college’s website. The graduate tuition is $4,685 per semester.