Nowadays, modern technology produces a dominant effect not only on how society works but also on the transition of companies to online platforms. Here, companies were able to reach larger pools of potential audiences that can help their profits and influence grow. However, despite the benefits brought by modern technology, there is a correlational disadvantage which is cybersecurity. Not all companies are guaranteed the best quality of cybersecurity. That’s why hacking and other illegal cyber transactions can affect the company’s standing.

As cybercrime is growing today, almost 69% of small companies and organizations have left no choice but to be offline, while 37% of them honestly stated that they have lost financially. In 2019, 10% of small companies have reported cases of cyberattacks and crimes that pushed them to shut down the operation. These were the findings from a research conducted by professionals through a survey that focused on the cybercrime consequences to both small and average-sized companies.

For the report compilation, the National Cyber Security Alliance supported the research conducted by Zogby Analytics wherein 1,006 companies’ decision-makers were polled regarding cybersecurity concerns. Here, it was shown that 88% of the variables were considering themselves as hosts for cyberattacks, while 46% were very likely to get attacked. Also, 62% of the variables were considered as the top priority.

One-third of the participants have their in-house IT Department that takes care of their cybersecurity concerns. Here, there are more than ten employees doing the needed work. 30% has fewer than 10 employees, while 55% has an updated yet annual plan for cybersecurity.

Another thing, small businesses are already preparing for potential cyberattacks. Almost 46% of them are confident with their preparations in case cybercrimes have started to lurk. 58% also claimed that they have a response plan against any cybercrime while one-third has the confidence to operate even without computers. On the other hand, big companies have better plans with over 500 employees to take the response plan into action.

Cybercrimes may not be familiar to other people, yet these are the most feared factors of companies, both small and big. That is because these can bring companies down easily and quickly. So, it is needed for companies to have a response plan and team against cybercrimes and attacks. In this way, the security can be kept, as well as make the company going and growing.

Now, here are the highly-recommended anti-cybercrime companies and their products that can be a big help to fight against cyberattacks.

Beyond Identity: First, on the list, we have Beyond Identity, which is well-known for its high-quality products and services. This company is considered the only company that effectively provides passwordless identity management. The team is composed of identity management and cybersecurity professionals who have sufficient background and experience in the field of work. In addition to that, they have a passion for restoring digital trust, as well as the building of a fundamentally secured way in authenticating and authorizing the users while protecting their privacy.

Beyond Identity offers two main products:

  • For the Workforce
    In this solution, Beyond Identity allows companies to eliminate passwords and gain authentication at the same time. This means then that the employees no longer need to provide passwords as they can easily enter their name, for example, for authentication. This solution is a good one as it keeps the authentication only within the company contexts, both offline and online.
  • For the Customers
    The next solution is for the customers wherein passwords are eliminated. In this way, the conversions and trust of the customers toward a company is driven, as well as the authentication are secured at all times in each platform they use.

Perimeter 81: Next, we have the Perimeter 81 which is also applauded for its quality offers and products when it comes to cybersecurity. As the demand for security and scalability of solutions for network access, Perimeter 81 came to help. It looks past hardware solutions and looks forward to the future wherein a more secured and modern solution to cybersecurity concerns is guaranteed. The aim of this company is to transform the world into much more secure, accessible for companies and their mobile workforce.

Here are some of the products offered by Perimeter 81. 

  • SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Platform
    It refers to the network security approach that transforms an organization’s security of data, users, and resources. It combines security functionality and a network to form a unified and global cloud-based service.
  • Software-Defined Perimeter
    It refers to a sophisticated architecture developed to reshape the future of cybersecurity. It offers a simple model of cloud migration security, secure cloud access environments such as PaaS, Iaas, and others else. In addition to that, it can also provide a seamless privilege resource access. Lastly, we have, which is known for its flexible and adaptable solutions. It has the vision of making Saas-based enterprise platforms collect intelligence data both from closed and open map sources to monitor and even mitigate digital risks. Here, we can witness an empowered and flexible industry of the leading human analytics and machine-learning pair that aims to deliver an actionable and predictive threat to the intelligence when highly-needed.

Here are its offered cybersecurity products: 

  • Cyble Vision
    The first product, named Cyble Vision, aims to provide a unified view of the external threat landscape of the company through the collection and consolidation of intelligence from the surface web, deep web, and dark web. Here are the offered solutions under this product: Dark and Deep Web Intelligence; Brand Reputation Monitoring; Predictive and Periodic Risk Assessment; Actionable Intelligence; Cyber Threat Remediation; Credit Card Bin Monitoring and Fraud Detection; Security Scoring Reports; and Cybercrime Monitoring. These solutions are all aiming to create highly-effective and protected cyber units of the companies.
  • Amibreached
    Next, we have the Ambibreached, which alerts the email, name, password, username, phone numbers, mailing address, IP, and other risky data when leaked. This serves as a notification when cybersecurity is breached by unknown hosts.