Biden Approval Polls


In the coming weeks and months, as the transition of office from Trump to Biden takes place, president Joe Biden will have a tremendous amount of work to do. His administration will be inheriting an economic crisis amidst a global pandemic for a nation that is heavily divided and in need of unity. Despite what the news or social media tells us, Zogby Analytics will set out to conduct unbiased Biden approval polls and various online surveys that cover a range of topics. Much like we have done in the past, we include a variety of scenarios and situations in our questions and provide results that are broken down into easy to understand data. We provide top-level data, and oftentimes, data broken down by demographics such as: age, gender, generation, location, race, and more. It is important to break the data down, and remain unbiased, presenting facts of where people’s viewpoints lie. Oftentimes, the varying demographics play a role in the trends of the datas.


Unbiased News, Real Data From Real People

As more events and situations arise, you can count on Zogby Analytics to be there with information on how your fellow Americans feel. We are sure to conduct the most bipartisan  

approval polls. Just like we did with Trump, we will provide Biden surveys, approval ratings, and general news about where the country stands during his presidency. 

We regularly post articles/survey results, which can be found under our News section. We also provide much more in-depth case studies on various current events as they arise and we collect data. 


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