International Market Research

magZogby Analytics has been in the market research industry for decades, providing valuable market research to companies and organizations. Establishing connections and networking over the years has allowed us to gain strategic partnerships and connections to help obtain data that would not be possible for newer market research companies, specifically for international market research.

Extensive Network of Connections

Our Hard to Reach Populations research is one of our hallmarks. Whether C suite executives or people in other countries, from London to Saudi Arabia, we've surveyed them all. Or perhaps you're interested only in respondents with a who need a particular drug, or doctors who use a specific piece of equipment, or adults who only use one sort of coffee, whatever it is, we will find them. Just ask!

Variety of Research Methods

We conducted our international research using a variety of channels. From telephone interviews to social media tracking, focus groups, automated telephone polling, surveys, and case studies, we will find a solution for your international market research needs.

So, how can Zogby Analytics help to enable you with international market research? We urge you to give us a call and have a discussion in further detail about our connections, methods, and success stories. We look forward to serving you and providing you with unmatched international market research services.

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