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If you are in need of high quality market research in the form of online or traditional focus groups, Zogby Analytics is your go-to source. Not only do we perform the focus group, but we take all the data we collect, analyze it, and create reports that are easy to understand and very detailed. We break the data down into subsets that we believe will be easy to understand so you can best form decisions with the data presented to you.

Advanced Market Research

magFocus groups provide a lot of useful information for businesses and organizations as the data is collected from real people with real opinions, reactions, ideas, and input. These focus groups help to refine ideas, tests, and strategy for marketing, branding, products, designs, and so much more. Our experts have many years in running and moderating these focus groups to keep the participants engaged, on task, and involved.

Advantages of focus groups are the value of the data that is provided in reactions, interactions, responses, opinions, ideas, and emotions that are studied in these focus groups. Moderators can ask thought provoking questions that take the participants deeper into a thought, idea, product, brand, or topic.

Another great advantage of focus groups is that they can be used to study non-verbal cues. Reactions and emotions can be very telling and provide valuable feedback.

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For more information on the focus groups that we provide, please give us a call today. Zogby Analytics has provided focus groups and market research solutions for countless businesses and organizations, delivering excellent data that can be used to make important decisions.

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