A new nationwide Zogby pollĀ® of 878 likely voters in the U.S., conducted 6/04/18 -6/06/18 with a margin of error of +/-3.3%, shows Trump's job approval down slightly from our last poll in May, and slightly more voters trusting the President over democratic leaders when it comes to growing the economy and security. Since our May poll, democratic leaders have improved a few percentage points when it comes to voters trusting them to grow the economy and keep the country secure.

I. Trump's Job approval

Trump Job Approval June 4-6th, 2018 5/10/18 -5/12/18 2/27/18 -2/28/18
Strongly Approve 21% 22% 27%
Somewhat Approve 23% 24% 21%
Somewhat Disapprove 11% 15% 15%
Strongly Disapprove 41% 36% 35%
Not sure 4% 4% 3%