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 Trump Approval

Trump Approval

Trump Approval
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The Zogby Poll®: Trump job approval at 48%; 50% disapprove; Trump job approval among millennials 50%; 48% disapprove; A majority of voters want to support 2nd amendment when Hollywood demands gun control 03/01/18 11899
The Zogby Poll®: Most American workers have not seen an increase in their pay since the Republican tax cuts passed; Millennials, Republicans and high wage earners are more likely to have seen a pay increase 02/22/18 2766
The Zogby Poll®: A majority of voters are proud of the USA; Millennials, liberals and African Americans are the least proud of the USA; Trump supporters are the most proud of the USA 02/12/18 4980
The Zogby Poll®: More voters blame Democrats than Republicans and the President for government shutdown 02/01/18 3469
Most Americans Say President Trump Should Prioritize Science and Technology to Strengthen U.S. Infrastructure 01/30/18 2270
The Zogby Poll®: Cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) still on the fringes of society; More people expect to invest in the next six months; Democrats more likely to purchase cryptos than republicans and independents 01/23/18 2452
The Zogby Poll® Oprah, Biden, Sanders and Warren easily defeat Trump in 2020; Trump in closer races with Harris, Zuckerberg, and Obama 01/19/18 4908
The Zogby Poll®: Trump’s job approval at 46%; A majority of voters believe the US economy will improve in the next four years! 01/16/18 5454
The Zogby Poll℠; Governor Kate Brown in two close races with republicans in Oregon gubernatorial election; A quarter of voters undecided 12/12/17 3633
The Zogby Poll℠: Christmas spending is up in 2017 compared to 2012 12/05/17 2457
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