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Biden Approval

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The Zogby Poll®: Michael Bloomberg narrowly defeats President Trump in 2020 10/31/18 5211
The Zogby Poll®: Inflation index 2018; The median overall perceived inflation over the past year is 5% - a half of what it was in June 2016; The Chinese yuan is perceived as the biggest long-term threat to the US dollar 10/30/18 17201
The Zogby Poll®: Most voters would rather have a beer with Obama, Biden, and Sanders, as opposed to Trump! Independents, women and younger voters don't want to have a drink with the president; Not everyone in Trump's base wants to have a beer with him 10/22/18 2137
The Zogby Poll®: Trump's job approval remains steady at 47%; 52% disapprove; Trump's support strengthens with his base and Millennials; More people satisfied with the economy; Support from lower and middle income groups growing stronger for Trump 10/22/18 2923
AMTA is the leading association and choice in the massage industry – AMTA vs. ABMP and MMIP 10/16/18 11534
The Zogby Poll®: Biden still ahead of the pack! Almost a third of Dems unsure of who they will vote for in the primary; Sanders in second place, followed by Warren, Harris, and Booker; Deval Patrick, Terry McAuliffe and John Delaney tie for last place 08/29/18 4096
The Zogby Poll®: Republicans are gaining ground on democrats in the congressional generic; Voters trust President Trump with the economy and keeping America safe much more than democratic leaders; Republicans and Trump are winning back independents 08/13/18 6524
The Zogby Poll®: Trump's job approval jumps! A majority of voters think the economy will be good the next four years! A majority want the Mueller probe to wrap-up now! 08/09/18 5697
The Zogby Poll®: 44% of Michigan likely voters strongly disapprove of Donald Trump/41% approve of the president; 47% of Michigan voters back democratic candidates for congress, while a third support republicans 08/07/18 2415
The Zogby Poll®: Cryptocurrencies are less popular than six months ago; Minorities are more likely to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin; Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to have purchased Bitcoin 07/31/18 2114
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