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 Trump Approval

Trump Approval

Trump Approval
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The Zogby Poll®: 79% of businesses say they will add positions in 2019; A majority of businesses say it's "unlikely" they will layoff workers in 2019; Nearly half of businesses say The Tax Cuts will "help" their bottom line; only 13% say it will "hurt" 01/15/19 1847
The Zogby Poll®: Voters are adamant President Trump is responsible for "spreading hate and misunderstanding"; A majority of voters made up their minds months before the congressional mid-term elections 11/27/18 1886
The Zogby Poll®: Voters feel the mainstream media is also to blame for the spread of hate and misunderstanding; Voters say the mainstream media divides people along racial, gender, and political lines; A majority of Democrats agree 11/13/18 7658
The Zogby Poll®: Healthcare and the economy are the biggest issues for voters going into midterm election 11/06/18 2284
The Zogby Poll®: A majority of Hispanic respondents support the deployment of troops to the border to stop migrant caravan; A majority of all Americans support troops at the border; Half of women agree with the deployment of troops 11/02/18 5758
The Zogby Poll®: Michael Bloomberg narrowly defeats President Trump in 2020 10/31/18 4844
The Zogby Poll®: Inflation index 2018; The median overall perceived inflation over the past year is 5% - a half of what it was in June 2016; The Chinese yuan is perceived as the biggest long-term threat to the US dollar 10/30/18 16980
The Zogby Poll®: Most voters would rather have a beer with Obama, Biden, and Sanders, as opposed to Trump! Independents, women and younger voters don't want to have a drink with the president; Not everyone in Trump's base wants to have a beer with him 10/22/18 1798
The Zogby Poll®: Trump's job approval remains steady at 47%; 52% disapprove; Trump's support strengthens with his base and Millennials; More people satisfied with the economy; Support from lower and middle income groups growing stronger for Trump 10/22/18 2573
AMTA is the leading association and choice in the massage industry – AMTA vs. ABMP and MMIP 10/16/18 9116
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