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 Trump Approval

Trump Approval

Trump Approval
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The Zogby Poll®: Voters want to suspend the presidential election if the coronavirus pandemic gets worse 04/27/20 3881
New Poll Powered by Zogby: 2020 presidential election... 04/16/20 4754
Biden is crushing Cuomo in the latest Zogby Poll®; Democratic voters like Cuomo but aren't ready to abandon Biden, yet 04/14/20 2487
The Zogby Poll®: An overwhelming majority of likely voters support government policies on social distancing 04/10/20 1518
The Zogby Poll®: A majority of likely voters approve of Trump's performance as president while 47% disapprove; Trump's job approval rating improves with Millennials and African Americans 04/06/20 8471
The Zogby Poll®: Voters give slight edge to Trump vs. Biden in who is better equipped to handle pandemic; Cuomo is the highest rated politician at handling the coronavirus crisis; Trump rated higher than Sanders and Biden for his response to the pandemic 04/01/20 4489
The Zogby Poll®: A majority of likely voters use social media daily; Voters say the mainstream media influences their political views more than social media; Women are less likely to be influenced by media than men 03/16/20 1028
The Zogby Poll®: A majority of likely voters support impeaching President Trump again! Suburban women oppose impeachment; Democrats split on Sanders or Bloomberg; Republicans want Romney's role limited in the Senate 03/01/20 2059
The Zogby Poll®: Voters favor Trump on economy, immigration, and safety; Democrats favored on healthcare; Swing voters split on immigration 02/19/20 1247
The Zogby Poll®: Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner! Michael Bloomberg powers into second place 02/17/20 11670
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