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The Zogby Poll®: Trump and Biden neck and neck in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania; Biden up by four percent in North Carolina; Trump winning big with 'swing voters' 08/05/20 10830
The Zogby Poll®: A slim majority believe Trump is the 'law and order' president; A majority of voters in large cities agree, while the suburbs believe the opposite 07/30/20 4494
The Zogby Poll®: Horse race between Trump and Biden is closer than appears; Everything hinges on big turnout among younger voters for Biden; Trump crushing it with swing voters 07/29/20 9053
The Zogby Poll®: 10 Battleground States - Who Do You Trust More? 06/23/20 5271
The Zogby Poll®: Trump's job approval in ten battleground states; Trump's rating is down in the "blue wall" states he won in 2016; Trump is losing steam with his base: men and voters without college degrees 06/22/20 7308
The Zogby Poll®: A majority of voters believe Biden is in the early stages of dementia; 60% of younger voters think so; Swing voters less likely to think Biden has dementia 06/17/20 24267
New Poll Powered by Zogby: Who do you trust more? 06/11/20 3081
The Zogby Poll®: Voters believe Trump will win; Regardless of their political support; Voters split on which party is a bigger threat to economic recovery; Independents and Hispanics say Democrats are a bigger threat 06/11/20 11878
The Zogby Poll®: Trump job approval steady at 48% approve/51% disapprove; Biden and Trump neck and neck at 46%; Biden performing very well with swing voters; Trump's approval at 51% with Hispanics 06/08/20 13406
Californians unsure whether businesses should open but certain they should follow the rules 05/20/20 1729
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