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Joe Biden is taking it to Donald Trump (Biden leads 47% to 42%) in a new nationwide Zogby poll of likely voters in the U.S. Biden is battering Trump among women (Biden leads 50% to 36%), younger voters aged 18-29 (Biden leads 49% to 38%), Hispanics (Biden leads 46% to 39%), African Americans (Biden leads 74% to 16%), Independents (Biden leads 41% to 36%), voters without college degrees (Biden leads 49% to 39%),  large city voters (Biden leads 49% to 41%), small city voters (Biden leads 47% to 41%), suburban voters (Biden leads 46% to 43%), and suburban women (Biden leads 53% to 34%). Of significant importance is that Biden is beating Trump where it matters the most, in the Central /Great Lakes region (Biden leads 46% to 43%), while Trump is clinging to a small lead in the South (Trump leads 46% to 43%). Biden also does well with voters in the East (Biden leads 49% to 39%) and West regions (Biden leads 51% to 37%).

On the other hand, Trump is performing decent with voters aged 30-39 (Trump leads 44% to 43%), men (Trump leads 47% to 44%), white voters (Trump leads 49% to 41%), rural voters (Trump leads 54% to 37%), Catholics (Trump leads 48% to 40%), Protestants (Trump leads 50% to 43%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 50% to 41%), weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 56% to 37%), married voters (Trump leads 51% to 40%), and upper income voters whose household income is $100k+ (Trump leads 55% to 40%). The president and Biden were tied among voters with college degrees at 45% each.

The hypothetical race between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Trump (Cuomo leads 45% to 44%) echoes the race between Biden and Trump, especially considering where swing voters stand. Cuomo appeals to younger voters aged 18-29 (Cuomo leads 45% to 40%), women (Cuomo leads 47% to 38%), Independents (Cuomo leads 40% to 36%), African Americans (Cuomo leads 71% to 14%), Hispanics (Cuomo leads 47% to 42%), suburban voters (Cuomo leads 45% to 41%), suburban women (Cuomo leads 53% to 31%), voters without college degrees (Cuomo leads 46% to 41%), large city voters (Cuomo leads 47% to 42%) and older voters aged 55+ (Cuomo leads 47% to 41%).

Trump is appealing to men (Trump leads 48% to 42%), white voters (Trump leads 51% to 39%), middle aged voters 30-54 (Trump leads 46% to 44%), small city voters (Trump leads 44% to 43%), rural voters (Trump leads 55% to 35%), Catholics (Trump leads 50% to 38%), middle and upper income voters whose household income is $76K+ (Trump leads 51% to 41%), married voters (Trump leads 54% to 35%), southern voters (Trump leads 48% to 40%), Central/Great Lakes voters (Trump leads 45% to 43%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 54% to 36%) and weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 55% to 37%).

Three Takeaways

Biden is drubbing the president where it counts. He's appealing to the groups that the president needs the most: suburban voters, women, voters without college degrees, and voters in the Central/Great Lakes region. This is good news for Biden who has had a rough few weeks, and is looking to turn his ship around as the party unites under his umbrella.

Trump is taking a beating both in the polls and with the Covid-19 pandemic. His approval numbers are down and his appeal to swing voters will need to improve. In order to win back Independents, suburban women and younger voters, Trump will need to change his message from blame game to one of safety and economics. Voters are getting antsy and need income. Stimulus checks will only go so far. Voters will need to get back to work safely and soon. Trump will have to balance this tightrope in order to communicate an effective message to voters, if he is going to win re-election in 2020.

Trump and his nemesis, Governor Cuomo, are in a statistical tie. Cuomo is leading Trump among many of the same swing voters Biden is leading the president with. Again, Trump is losing appeal with Independents, suburban voters and urban voters. Trump can still win these voters back; he is running close to Cuomo among these groups. Could we be headed for a collision course between federal rights and states' rights with Trump and Cuomo on a bigger stage? That would make for an interesting reality show!