According to a nationwide Zogby poll® of 1031 voters, a majority (52%) of voters are proud of the United States, while a third are ashamed of the United States, and 15% are not sure about how they feel. More men were proud (58%) than ashamed (31%) compared to women (47% proud/35% ashamed. Older voters (aged 65+) were more likely to be proud (62%) than ashamed (29%) compared to younger voters (aged 18-29), in which 38% were proud and 36% were ashamed (36%). Three-quarters of Republicans were proud and 16% were ashamed of the United States. Democrats (40% proud and 48% ashamed) and Independents (44% proud and 33% ashamed) were much more likely to be ashamed than proud, compared to Republicans.

Among the least proud groups were the youngest surveyed, only 27% of 18-24 year olds were proud of the United States while more than half (53%) were ashamed. Among ethnicities, majorities of white (55%) and Hispanic (56%) voters were proud compared to a third and 29%, respectively, who were ashamed of the United States. African Americans were less enthusiastic about their feelings when it came to country; 37% were proud, while 43% were ashamed. Other groups who were very proud of the United States were Catholic voters (64% proud/25% ashamed), voters earning $100k-$150k annually (63% proud/30% ashamed), voters who earn more $150k annually (61% proud/29% ashamed), Walmart shoppers (59% proud/28% ashamed), NASCAR fans (63% proud/28% ashamed), investor class voters (53% proud/38% ashamed), ANTIFA supporters (60% proud/34% ashamed), voters sympathetic to alt. right politics and media (86% proud/11% ashamed), and rural voters (67% proud/21% ashamed). Other voters who are most ashamed of the United States were liberals (35% proud/55% ashamed), Democrats (40% proud/48% ashamed), African Americans (37% proud/43% ashamed), voters in the Central/Great Lakes region (40% proud/47% ashamed) and voters earning $25k-$35k annually (40% proud/48% ashamed).

It must be noted that a majority of most groups said they were proud of the United States, but there is a political divide in the data. Trump's base was more proud, while groups that are typically Democratic Party supporters are less enthusiastic about the state of the country. How we as a country bridge this divide is anyone's guess at the moment.