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Zogby Analytics: Trump Leads By 25 Points Over Nearest Rival

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A new poll of Republican primary and caucus voters by Zogby Analytics shows developer Donald Trump widening his nationwide lead to 25 points over his nearest rival, neurologist Dr. Ben Carson. The new Zogby Poll of 271 likely GOP voters has a margin of sampling error of +/-6 points and has the following results:

Donald Trump 38%
Ben Carson 13
Marco Rubio 12
Ted Cruz 8
Jeb Bush 7
Chris Christie 4
Carly Fiorina 3
Others/Not Sure 16

No other candidate received more than 1%.

Mr. Trump leads among self-identified Republicans (33% to Rubio's 16%, Carson's 12%, Bush's 8%, and Cruz's 6%), but wallops everyone with 56% among independents (followed by Carson's 15% and Cruz's 9%).

Conservatives favor Mr. Trump with 34% over Carson 14%, Rubio 12%, Cruz 10%, and Bush 7%. And moderates now prefer Trump with 44% to Carson 13%, Rubio 9%, and Bush 6%.

Trump also leads among men by 26 points - 43% to Carson's 17%, Rubio's 15% and Cruz's 11% -- and among women by 17 points - 32% to Carson's 15%, Rubio's 9%, and Bush's 8%.

The entire poll was conducted after Mr. Trump's controversial remarks about banning Muslims from entering the United States. His 38% is the highest percentage he has received yet in a Zogby Poll.

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