A brand new Zogby Analytics poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval rating moving up to 46%, while his disapproval is 50%. The new poll of 1,223 likely voters nationwide, conducted online by Zogby Analytics shows marked improvement for the President from his 44%-54% showing in late June. While Mr. Obama is still upside down with voters, his new numbers reveal a back story that could help him and fellow Democrats in time for the critical 2014 elections. The poll has a margin of sampling error of +/-2.9 percentage points.

The President’s support among men has jumped 5 points since June – from 42% to 46% — and disapproval among women has dropped from 52% to 49%. While his support among First Globals (18-35 year olds) has remained unchanged 52%-47%, his numbers among Nikes (36-50 year olds) have risen 5 points to 49%. But he has increased his support among Democrats from 77% to 83%, liberals (76% to 82%), moderates (51% to 53%), African Americans (76% to 91%), and the Investor Class (47% to 52%). His support among Hispanics has held steady with 65% approving and 31% disapproving.

While only 26% see the country heading in the right direction and 58% say things are off on the wrong track, Congress’ approval has dropped from 22% to 18% and disapproval has moved from 62% to 76%.

The Democrats took a beating in 2010 because of a low turnout from their base. These polling numbers today show that the President might be on the road to recovering some support from key elements of his base: Hispanics, African Americans, Investors, the Creative Class (54%-41%), union households (59%-40%), and NASCAR fans (53%-46%).

He needs to work on young people, in fact, almost exclusively. They represented about one fifth of turnout in Mr. Obama’s two victories, but only one tenth of the turnout in 2010. As I mentioned before in a Forbes piece, the election outcome in 2014 will depend to a large degree on Millennials but I don’t see them voting Republican. Either they will come out to vote for Democratic candidates or they will not vote at all. What could encourage them to vote? The economy is “improving” and for the first time, people are starting to feel some job growth. The President looks like he will act before the election on relieving the plight of illegal immigrants and issue orders relevant to global warming – two issues close to the hearts of young voters. And Mr. Obama’s deliberative style and worldview is keeping the United States out of foreign adventures.

What could keep young people away? First and foremost is their deep distrust for all political authority and their disappointment in Mr. Obama himself. Second is the sense of a deep invasion of privacy and government overreach in their lives. And third is the Millennial style of wanting immediate answers to problems instead of bureaucratic stasis, as they see it.

None of these negatives seem to benefit the GOP other than the potential they have to keep young people at home in November. The new Zogby Analytics poll shows that in mid-August the President may be on the road to healing some problems with his base. Let’s see how vigorous presence he projects on campuses and in social media between Labor Day and Election Day. If he is visible, vocal, and present – as he was right before the closing deadline for registration of health care – then he may be very helpful in turning some extremely close Senate races into Democratic victories. He will also have to keep his overall numbers at the very least at the current 46%.