By: John Zogby Contributor

Frankly I figured my thoughts on this at this point in time would be late. Beating the dead horse; gasoline on the fire. Whatever. But Anthony Weiner is still in the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor of America's premier city. 

Endless and boring discussion on narcissism, the state of marriage in the 21st century, the role of the internet in our lives. Is Huma a "good wife"? Should she be? What are her real motives? Is this the Clintons redux?

I am just a pollster but I have some thoughts. Let's call this for what it really is: it is icky! This is a very unappealing, smartass politician trying to make a point that he is somehow destined to be mayor of New York City. He is trying to make a point now: let the people decide, he says. He is riding high enough in the polls to be a contender - up one day, down another, but in the mix. But let's look closely.

Fact 1 - there are no real appealing candidates in this primary race? This is New York, New York. Are any of them John Lindsey, Ed Koch, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg - big personalities on the world stage? No. So Anthony Weiner is bolstered by high name recognition and the man who is "none of the above". That won't last. I am reminded of the "dead cat bounce" that Gary Hart received when he jumped back into the Democratic primary for President before the Iowa caucuses in 1988. He at least was Gary Hart, a bona fide intellect, a representative of a wing of the party. 

Fact 2 - let's talk about administrative competence. None of these candidates has ever run anything in their lives. Manhattan Borough President and Speaker of the Council, Office of the Public Advocate, whatever. Weiner has been a so-so Congressman with a big mouth. (Note please: I actually suggested a few years back that he had a personality big enough to represent the coarser side of New York. But that was then).

Fact 3 - can Anthony Weiner actually welcome the Pope if he comes to New York? Would the Pope actually shake his hand? Ew! Can other world dignitaries sit with Mayor Weiner and not think to themselves "I have seen you in your full upright and locked position"? Ew!

Come on, Anthony. You cannot be mayor of New York. This is not a moral judgment. It is not a philosophical one, either. Nor is it a statement based on the latest research in psychology, sociology, technology and society, or political science. It is very real and very practical.

This is icky. Embarassing for us, if not for you. I think that Huma said it best when she said this is between you and her. Keep it that way. Please just go away. Far away.