Obama Report Card: A for being a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt

Grade for Feb. 15: A

Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is in a great place on the eve of President's Day.


"President Obama's State of the Union Address was his strongest defense of New Deal big government since LBJ and was presented like a man who had just won his second majority. He addressed his base and comforted them with a shopping list of goodies; he talked of growth with a push from federal spending; and he offered an olive branch to the GOP by calling for passage of legislation for economic growth that they have supported in the past. This was an emboldened president -- he warned the GOP to either give him some public/private solutions to global warming or he would act via executive order. I'm not sure how much of Obama's program will pass, but this was a born-again Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt -- the people's steward talking directly to the American people. Whether he wins in the short run or not, he has set a new agenda for the future."