If there was ever a location to get a real idea of how the economy is reeling and how Americans are trying to survive, well then welcome to Vegas baby! I'll tell you how bad things are in Nevada, which took a huge hit during the housing crisis: prosecutors in Las Vegas delayed sentencing for Pound for Pound boxing champion Floyd Mayweather because they argued if he were allowed to fight on May 5, instead being behind bars, a mega between him and Manny Pacquaio would inject 100 million into the local and state economy. The fight did not come to fruition, but Wow, that's sad. Even though I dream of that fight as a boxing fan and aficionado of the sweet science, I wonder how bad things are when a world class boxer becomes a stimulus bill!

Will Romney's recent pummeling of the GOP field in Florida, Trump's endorsement of Romney, and his recent surge in national polls propel him to seal up the nomination?

Or will the Nevada's ugly economic situation and Romney's recent gaffe about poor people reel their ugly head and make this a bloody fight till the very end? Nevada's unemployment is the highest in the nation and all the remaining candidates have made stops in the Silver State this week. You know Paul's ground game is solid and Santorum's is not that great. And what about Gingrich? Will Newt be the "Grinch" who stole the silver? Probably not! I think the May 5th super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto will provide more competitive rounds than tomorrow's caucus. Romney by TKO!