"I'm the true conservative, no I am." "I'm the conservative alternative to that guy," and then another shouts, "I have the most conservative record." The Republican nomination is shaping up to be a playground fight between a bunch of bow tie wearing children. Rick Santorum walked away from Tuesday's caucuses with some momentum and likely some extra dollars for the Michigan and Arizona primaries at the end of February, and more importantly Super Tuesday on March 6. His somewhat surprising victories in Minnesota and Colorado (states won convincingly by Romney in 2008) along with his win in Missouri, once again sparked debate about the conservative wing of the Republican party's lack of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney. Romney for his part downplayed the results accurately mentioning none of Tuesday's contests provided delegates for any of the candidates.

Even if Santorum is now the conservative alternative to Gingrich and Romney, will he fall victim to Romney's attacks and Super Pacs in the same way Gingrich did in Florida? One thing is for sure, none of these guys have much conservative credibility. Santorum was a big government spending "compassionate conservative" under Bush, supporting the expansion of Medicare's prescription drug plan for seniors; Gingrich took money from Freddie Mac and did the unthinkable and supported leader Pelosi on global warming, and Romney can be credited with inspiring Obama's biggest achievement (or failure) to date, the dreaded "Obama Care." Barry Goldwater is rolling in his grave as I write this.

I got an idea for everyone, including the President, whose State of the Union was a disappointing attempt to remind everyone that things are getting better like Detroit, and a dry run at his re-election strategy-everyone needs to pay taxes like Warren Buffet' s secretary and Congress does nothing (this is true at least). Come up with real solutions that will get people to work in the private sector and find common ground to combat America's plight. If they don't soon, everyone's outlook and situation will be downgraded to junk status!