"Of course there could be weeks that are worse for a President, but this was a very very bad one. While President Obama twisted his words a bit and clumsily ended up by saying "the private sector is doing fine", he really had to backtrack moments later so as to not appear that he was out of touch with reality. He and his administration remain under fire for allegedly leaking highly classified information about secret technologies aimed at stopping Iran's nuclear program. Voters in Wisconsin sent him a mixed message by not recalling their controversial GOP governor, turning over state senate control to Democrats, and saying they prefer Obama over Romney in November. But key groups that Mr. Obama must count on to win, namely 18-29 year olds, gave him a double whammy: 25% fewer young people turned out to vote last Tuesday and they declared they had little use for unions. I am beginning to hear from both prominent and mainstream Democrats that they "feel his team is arrogant", that "he is not a leader", and they are "tired of hearing his voice." He still is basically tied with Romney, but so was Jimmy Carter tied with the "unacceptable" and "dangerous" Ronald Reagan going into the weekend before the 1980 election -- the one that Carter lost. Mr. Obama has not lost but he has some serious 'splainin' to do as to why Americans are really better off with him remaining in office. That will be harder and harder to do if some former supporters are tired of hearing his voice in June."

Grade -- F (this is why he needs a mentor like Bill Clinton)