The recession's tightening grip on the economy and job creation has given birth to a new kind of voter. But analyst John Zogby, who has coined many more upbeat voter names, has captured in his new voting group a very depressing reality.

"The new group are college-educated, not going anywhere people, CENGAs," he told Secrets. "They share a lack of confidence in Washington."

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CENGAs are likely living back with mom and dad, so-called "boomerangs," who can't find a well-paying job despite their college degrees. And even those with jobs are being crushed by college student loan debt.

What's depressing, said Zogby, is that this is the same group who in 2008 and even 2010 expressed high hopes for their future and country. "Two years ago they were our First Global Generation with high expectations for their lives and careers. Today, a significant subset is disappointed almost despondent. Will they even vote? How will they even get started. Will they be Globals again?"

The pollster and longtime political analyst said that CENGAs are becoming more libertarian and aren't likely to vote Republican. He said that they are not interested in the GOP message of tax cuts and tax breaks, lean toward the Occupy movement's anti-business agenda and do not support tough anti-abortion efforts.

It is a group that Barack Obama won in 2008 but appears disinterested in the upcoming election in part because they don't feel he has made good on his hope agenda and, more basically, because the economy hasn't benefited them.

Zogby said that he has had first-hand experience with the change in attitude among CENGAs. "It used to be that they would ask how long it would take before becoming COO of my company," he said of job interviews with CENGAs, who are in their young 20s. "Now they just want a job."

Zogby has coined other popular names for influential voting groups such as "Walmart voters," the "investor class," and "first globals."