Of all the groups we surveyed, Asian American likely voters were the most critical of the President. Asian Americans were nearly split in their opinion of President Biden's job approval-46% approved and 47% disapproved while 7% were not sure. Slightly more Asian Americans living in the suburbs (52% disapproved/40% approved) disapproved of the president.


In line with Hispanic and African Americans voters, Asians also felt the country was off on the wrong track (54%) and only a third (34%) thought it was headed in the right direction. Sentiment was even harsher when it came to the direction of the U.S. economy, 58% thought it was off on the wrong track and 29% of surveyed Asian American voters thought the U.S. economy was headed in the right direction.


When it came to a hypothetical Democratic primary, Asian Americans did not throw their full support behind the president. Less than a third (28%) said they would vote for him, and in a distant second were Sen. Bernie Sanders (13%), Michelle Obama (12%) and Vice President Kamala Harris (11%). Asians were also considerably unsure about who they would vote for, as 12% stated so.


While President Biden's approval ratings with minority voters might seem all right at the moment, they do not show the enthusiasm and energy he will need to get minority voters out to vote in the midterms. Historically, a president, whose party is in power, gives up control of the House and/or Senate during their first midterm election. Biden is out there telling his supporters this midterm election is for the "soul" of the nation, but will this be enough energize his base and supporters to quell the potential damage they might receive in November? At the moment his approval ratings and status in hypothetical primaries with minorities do not support this narrative. While voters might be in a fight for the "soul" of the nation, Biden is in the fight of his life for the support of his base!