The president's approval rating was also not great with Latino community. Our nationwide oversample of Hispanics showed Biden's approval rating has taken a big hit since the beginning of the year. Currently, Biden's job approval was 49% approved/40% disapproved and 10% not sure.


This is a huge decrease from his approval rating in January (62% approved/36% disapproved). It is also a trend observed in our May poll (50% approved/46% disapproved). Like African Americans it does not help that a majority (55%) of Hispanics think the country is off on the wrong track and only a third think the U.S. is headed in the right direction, while 11% were not sure. Even more Hispanic voters (59%) thought the economic direction of the country was off on the wrong track too, while only a third thought the U.S. economy was headed in the right direction.


Biden's numbers were also disappointing in a hypothetical primary among just Hispanic likely voters. He received just over a third (35%) of support, followed by Michelle Obama (15%), Bernie Sanders (15%), Kamala Harris (12%), and FLOTUS Jill Biden (6%).